The Faculty of Psychology at University of Iringa (UoI) was recently founded in 2013. Before it has been the Department of Counseling of the Faculty of Theology since 2004.The reason to delimit the subject Psychology from Theology was to strengthen the worldlier point of view of the subject Psychology on important topics of the Tanzanian society. Today we have nearly 100 students enrolled and the number is steadily growing. The focus in psychology is on the science of how people think, feel, and behave. It is the mission of the faculty members in the Psychology at the University of Iringa to contribute knowledge and provide effective educational and practical experiences about behavior and mental processes that enrich psychology in areas of counselling psychology, educational psychology, social psychology, industrial/organizational and mental health. We achieve these goals through classroom instruction, professional development opportunities in practicum & counselling services, consultation services, mentoring, and research activities. The Faculty is involved in activity carried out for the benefit of the external environment, such as aiding the needy, offering counselling and psychotherapy consultations, popularizing certain ways of perception and comprehension of social phenomena while recognizing the right to diversity of views and ideas.