Purpose and Mission

The mission of the Psychology faculty of the University of Iringa is to provide excellence in undergraduate and graduate education in the science of psychology.  Psychology covers a wide range of topics in behavior, from the inner workings of the brain and body to the ways social environments exert their influences. Our degree programmes emphasizes psychology as an empirical science and the development of skills that include written and oral communication, computer literacy, quantitative and qualitative research methods, critical analysis of complex problems, knowledge of human behavior and characteristics, increased self-understanding, and insight into the behavior of others.  We believe that multicultural perspectives are integral to the study of human behavior. Active collaboration with students is an important feature of our learning and pedagogical practice.   Field experiences in different placement bring strong ties between the faculty of Psychology and the country, and serve our mission for student community involvement.

The faculty of psychology prepares students for careers in a variety of psychology-related settings including mental health agencies, hospitals, academic institutions, and business, industry, public and private organizations. Our students are also well-prepared for graduate training in fields such as counseling psychology, guidance and counselling, teaching, social work & community counselling, and human resource management, and public administration.  The structure of our program and the specific experiences, knowledge and skills promoted prepare our students for the tasks and challenges they will face in the broader community.

Psychology at University of Iringa is represented by faculty members whose subfields include behavioral & cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, Counselling psychology, the psychology of education, and social psychology.


The Faculty of Psychology at University of Iringa (UoI) was recently founded in 2013. Before it has been the Depar...